Boaters Enclosure

 Boaters brings something new to the banks of

Henley Regatta with Gin Cocktails on arrival

and Cocktail hour for a quintessentially

experience on the Thames.


After a successful first year at Henley in 2016, Boaters will be back in 2017 promising to make your day special and offering a new experience for those attending during Henley Regatta. Mixologists – Cocktail makers – will be on hand during the afternoon to make Boaters the place to be and to be seen, during Henley Regatta.

Hospitality Package Includes

Private areas available for 30 plus guests.

For more information regarding Hospitality during Henley Regatta please visit Hospitality during Henley Regatta, email: sales@eventmasters.co.uk or call Boaters on 0207 989 6500 or book online

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