Water Works

WATER WORKS FOR THE PLANET : official still water partner for Temple Island Meadows during Henley Royal Regatta

The local spring water brand was chosen for its eco credentials – ┬áit is aligned with our values and ethos; we both have a strong commitment to sustainability.

WATER WORKS 330ml Spring water cartons will be served on all bars in a bid to cut down on plastic consumption at the event.

Cartons are also the lowest carbon footprint package option on the market.

The paper used to make WATER WORKS cartons comes from responsibly managed forests which pull harmful CO2 from the air, and their caps are made of sugarcane NOT plastic.

These cartons can be reused, recycled and have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to cans and bottles thanks to the uniquely efficient way in which they are transported, and because of their light-weight.

Look out for our recycling bins on site to dispose responsibly!

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